Our cost effective solutions offers freely accessible data, an open ecosystem of solutions providers, reliable hosting and support!

  • Professional Services

    MI-Squared understands medical workflow & practice management. We have tailored our services to fit the specific needs of a medical practice. Training, customization and support services are available to help achieve the best fit for your business.

  • Practice Management

    MI-Squared supports a “software-as-a-service solution”, offered in an integrated platform, with all of the practice, health information and workflow management tools necessary to secure and manage your needs, cost-effectively and without needing to own or deal with hardware on site.

  • MIPS/MACRA Quality Reporting

    We specialize in quality reporting requirements, so MI-Squared provides EHR independent tools and registry management for MIPS/MACRA quality reporting as well as HCC/RAF reporting and management for IPA, MA Plans and Geriatric Care companies. We offer consulting & reporting services for MIPS & MACRA regardless of the EHR system in use

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