OpenEMR | Our Primary Focus

What is OpenEMR?

OpenEMR is a fully HIPAA compliant, Meaningful Use Certified, and HL7 compatible open source Electronic Medical Records solution. Our philosophy is that open source software provides the best protection for your business. Because the source code is freely available and customizable, and there is a large community of developers supporting the product, you don’t suffer from vendor lock-in, and you have ample support choices through a variety of qualified resources.

MI-Squared provides training & support for your OpenEMR system, as well as system maintenance via phone, email, and remote access. We also offer onsite training, custom programming, data conversion & integration, as well as consulting services with the capability to integrate for virtually any system or combination of applications you may already be using in your workflow.

How can MI2 Help?

Our staff are available to consult with Physician’s offices, Clinics and small Hospitals to help achieve success in the deployment of this high quality open source application platform.

We will analyze your specific needs, help determine if you have adequate hardware, arrange for installation, setup and training assistance and provide custom data conversion to help you move your existing medical records into this system.

We can also provide customizations to the OpenEMR system to meet your needs. And our MEDICS Desktop Application is fully integrated with OpenEMR

Download the OpenEMR Users Guides from the OpenEMR Wiki.

OpenEMR was downloaded an average of 4000 times per month last year world wide.

Contact info @ or call us Toll Free at 1-866-735-0897 for more information.