What is OpenEMR Pro?

OpenEMR Pro is an enhanced version of OpenEMR, an open source electronic medical record software. Medical Information Integration and Williams Medical Technologies, Inc. have teamed up to radically change and enhance the core software over the past 5 years to create a system that not only competes with other EMR software, but surpasses it in every manner. OpenEMR Pro is a hybrid software solution, which harvests the cost effectiveness and flexibility of an open source project combined with state of the art workflow and functionality. This includes specialty specific forms and reports, bi-directional lab interfaces and inter-connectivity to other software. The end result is a cost effecting, sustainable and highly customizable, meaningful use certified EMR system that’s right on target for your practice!

Why our clients are raving about OpenEMR Pro:

“I have used other systems and have, now, used OpenEMR Pro for several years.  Its combination of low cost, full features and usability should put it on the short list for any practice implementing EMR for the first time or changing systems. OpenEMR Pro meets and often exceeds the needs of virtually any practitioner.  It is inexpensive both in terms of startup and continued updates, and meets the meaningful use criteria.  It has virtually all the  tools needed for a completely electronic practice including: messaging, two-way interfacing with major commercial labs and electronic prescribing. It is compatible with most existing billing systems.  It can be used on desktops, laptops and tablets from anywhere. Virtually any types of files, such as word documents and PDFs can be imported.  Patient data can be easily exported or sent to referring physicians, insurance companies, etc. Reports can be run on individual patients or providers as well as reports on practice data as a whole.  The user interface is easy to navigate and the program requires very little training time for the user to become proficient. The best feature of the program is that is can be customized  to the type or practice or specialty and more importantly to the way the individual professional practices.  This usability is either unavailable or is very costly to implement with most other mainstream systems.”

— Dr. Michael Berk, UIMDA

OpenEMR Pro – Modular Building Blocks Platform

From Workflow Management tools to integrated data exchange, OpenEMR Pro has it all. We take our core functionality elements and build upon those to meet the needs of each and every practice we work with. Built on top of our core functionality elements are specialty specific items such as specialized forms and reports. Lastly, we offer several interface options: labs, eRX and billing. We refer to this method of building a custom system as our Modular Building Blocks Platform.


We have designed and created several OpenEMR Pro packages tailored to various medical specialties. One of the unique qualities of OpenEMR Pro that sets us apart from other systems is our ability to customize a system for each practice based on their needs. We offer the following pre-customized systems:

  • Cardiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Family Medicine
  • Infertility
  • Internal Medicine
  • OB/GYN
  • Orthopedics
  • kiddoEMR (Pediatrics)
  • Psychiatric
  • Community Health Centers
  • Ophthalmology

We continue to work with leading physicians to create new customized systems for additional specialties.

We offer customizations as well, contact us for additional information.

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