Integration of Lab Results for Laboratories

Laboratories seeking Lab Exchange Network Software

Stay competitive with other laboratory providers.  Let us develop a Lab Exchange (LEN) network solution for your business that will provide lab results integrated seamlessly into your client’s EHR software.

Interoperable with HL7 messaging, utilizing secure VPN connection technology.

How to Get Started – Interfacing with Lab companies:

Labs are in complete control of whether or not they approve you for interface with their systems, and the decision is almost entirely volume based. While technically the setup is relatively easy, however the “TokenID” won’t be issued by the Lab company unless they approve you for LEN (Lab Exchange Network) service.  If your service is approved, the lab will contact us and issue a PO and we will assign an integration coordinator  to your account.  When your activation is scheduled, the Lab will contact us to activate your new service using ID’s the Lab provides,  followed by a testing and certification loop. The entire process takes about 2-3 weeks, and can be started by contacting representatives at the local Labs you need to interface with and request “OpenEMR Lab Network Exchange Interface” using” Medical Information Integration, LLC” as the vendor.

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