Healthy Server Backup Appliance

This service is a direct contract with Caroll-Net Healthy Servers to insure complete security of your data. The service includes:

  • Installation of a Carroll-Net Back-Up Appliance at your location
  • Nightly back-up of your data files to the appliance at your location
  • Nightly remote data file back-up to Carroll-Net’s data center
  • Nightly archives are kept securely on your appliance for five business days
  • Nightly virus screening with alerts provided that identify infected files
  • Nightly back-up testing and shadow copies of daily revisions stored on Healthy Server for one year.

This service can also be used to back-up local data from PC’s in your office.
Cost: $100/month for 7 gigs of storage (small additional fee if more storage is required)